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Rental Rules and Information

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Whether you are interested in purchasing a new handgun, rifle, or shotgun, or you are looking for a fun activity with family and friends, gun range rentals are a great way to find the ideal model before making a purchase.

Rental Rules

  1. Due to safety reasons, outside ammunition will NOT be authorized for use with any Range USA rental firearm. Customers must purchase their ammunition at the time of their rental, on location.
  2. First time visitors to Range USA must be accompanied by another shooter in order to rent a firearm.
  3. A liability waiver must be completed to use the range and rent firearms.
  4. All gun safety rules must be followed inside the range.
  5. If you are unfamiliar with the rented firearm or need assistance on the range, please ask the RSO for help.

Rental Pricing

To view the firearm rental prices nearest you, select your desired Range USA store location found under Store/Range.

The pricing between handguns, long guns, and specialty rentals are different.

Rental Firearms


This list may contain firearms your store may not have available, and your store may have firearms available to rent not listed here. Many of these firearms have different sighting systems and other accessories that will vary per store. This list will also always be changing as we add new products to be rented!

* Denotes a product is a specialty rental. † Denotes a product is coming soon or not at all stores yet.

Rental Long Guns